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The higher costs of rents in central Canberra and the limited availability of new doctors has made Interchange General Practice financially unviable at its present location.  We have therefore decided to move to Tuggeranong. The new Practice will be a co-operative and will BULK BILL all its patients who are members of the Cooperative


From July, the following doctors will be based at the Practice’s new location in Tuggeranong where they will be available to see their patients.

Dr Marianne Bookalil

Dr Paul Appleton

Professor Kirsty Douglas

Dr Erika Unsworth

Dr Alex Lord

If you would like to register for membership of the Co-operative go to this page 

Patients who want to stay at 28 University Avenue

Hobart Place General Practice (HPGP) will continue to operate from 28 University Avenue.  Some IGP doctors will remain at this location as part of HPGP.  Hobart Place General Practice has a different billing policy to Interchange General Practice: only children under 5 and People on Age Pension are bulk billed.  This means some patients who were bulk-billed at Interchange General Practice will not be eligible for bulk-billing at Hobart Place General Practice.

If you do not know what this means for you, please consult a receptionist or your doctor

Would you like to register for membership of the Co-operative?