For Doctors


For Doctors

An invitation to join us...

Interchange General Practice is one of Canberra’s oldest and best respected Practices. It is located on Level 3 of 28 University Avenue. The Practice has a diverse patient demographic including a high proportion of people with chronic illness. It has also long cared for people with drug and alcohol and mental health problems, people who are gender and sexuality diverse and refugees.

Vocationally qualified doctors

We are seeking vocationally qualified doctors and registrars who share our vision of general practice.

Doctors at Interchange General Practice subscribe to the following vision

1. Provide quality general practice. It is important for us to feel that we are doing a good job as well as we can.

2. Provide care for the disadvantaged. Our care can't only be for the disadvantaged because of the next point but it is important that we have a moral compass for what we do.

3. Run a financially viable practice. We can't do all the things we want to do if the practice is not financially viable.

4. Provide teaching and training. We want to pass on our practice and ethos to the next generation of healthcare providers.

5. Provide an environment where doctors work in a collegiate manner and support each other. This is so important for the atmosphere we all work in.


Interchange General Practice is unable to meet current patient demand so new doctors could expect to fairly quickly establish a full patient load. We offer joining doctors a warm and collegiate environment and one that is professionally rewarding.

Please note that the Practice is not in a District of Workforce Shortage.

For further information please contact Dr Tuck Meng Soo on 6247 5742 or email her on

GP Registrars

GP Registrars

IGP has been a committed supporter of registrar training for over 15 years and is meticulous in the support that it provides.  Teaching is overseen by the Practice Principal, Dr Tuck Meng Soo, and carried out with assistance from other senior doctors.

The practice’s diverse patient demographic exposes registrars to clinical variety that they might otherwise not experience during their training.  Given the size of the practice, registrars have access to many senior doctors for assistance with their consultations when needed.

The practice is punctilious in observing the teaching hours laid down in the curriculum – and does not include corridor consultation in these hours.  The most common form of teaching is discussion and assistance with complex cases that registrars have encountered during their own consultations.  Frequent use is made of video case reviews. Additional supervision is carried out by informal discussions and regular case audits. 

The Principal also assists registrars in their exam preparation via role play, case reviews and looking at past exam questions.

Registrars are encouraged to join in the practice’s social activities and to have lunch with other members of the clinical staff in our large and well equipped staff room.  They are also invited to attend doctors’ meetings, held every three months.

For more information on applying for a GP registrar training position, please refer to the website of our training coordinator, GP Synergy.

A tour of the premises

A tour of the premises


Interchange General Practice is located on level 3 of 28 University Avenue, also known as Derwent House.  The building has 8 levels, tenanted by a wide variety of professional organisations.  It is surrounded at ground level by restaurants, bistros and cafes and is adjacent to the Uni pub.  The Citywest Carpark and the magistrate’s car park are a 3 minute walk away and the Light Rail terminus slightly longer.


Treatment and consultation rooms

The Practice has eight consultation rooms, a treatment room, nurses’ room, reception area and a large staff room. 

The treatment room has a vaccination fridge and all the equipment and consumables need forwound treatment and minor surgery.  It is equipped with an ECG machine and spirometer -


Staff room

We share the large staff room with our colleagues on Level 2 at Interchange General Practice The well-equipped kitchen is used for lunchtime gatherings of doctors and staff and also for doctors’ meetings and other informal occasions.