Interchange Health Co-Op (IHCO) is overseen by a Board of between seven and nine Directors elected by the members of the IHC at its Annual General Meeting.  The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring adherence to our principles of patient care, setting strategic direction, and assuring financial sustainability for the business.

Directors supervise Interchange Health Co-Op on behalf of the members. All Directors must comply with the requirements of the Co-operatives National Law (ACT) Act 2017

Information on the election of directors and the nominations process is set out in the Rules and a copy of the relevant sections can be made available on request to the General Manager

Day-to-day management of the IHCO is undertaken by the CEO with support from the General Manager, Clinical Director and Financial Controller. The General Manager’s responsibilities include administration whilst the Clinical Director looks oversights clinical care. The Financial Controller is responsible for financial management accounting and audit.