PrEP is a treatment used by HIV negative people, who are at high risk of HIV infection, to reduce their chance of getting HIV; it involves taking medication on a daily basis.  Talk to your doctor or nurse to find out how the use of PrEP combined with other prevention methods can help decrease the likelihood of transmission of HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections. 

Interchange General Practice offers two ways of accessing PrEP:


This is a clinical study run by the Kirby Institute, with the cost of the medication being funded by ACT Health.  It allows people at high risk of HIV infection to access PrEP for up to 2 years at no cost.  There are strict eligibility criteria; regular practice visits and testing are required to continue the supply of the medication.  Appointments relating solely to EPIC-NSW study visits will be bulk-billed. 

Phone 0434 569 268 to discuss your eligibility for this study. 

Personally importing the medication

The medication can be purchased and imported if you have a valid prescription.  We can help you to find a suitable overseas source of the medication and assist you to monitor your sexual health and check for side-effects of PrEP.   Make an appointment with one of our doctors do discuss the personal importation of PrEP.